“I personally have a passion for the beauty in nature, and a desire to educate and help people to discover the peace they can find in nature and in nature’s God.” – Allen Powell, Jr.

L.E.A.F. Landscaping LLC. was the dream of an energetic but serious 12-year-old. It was his dream to own and operate a landscaping business. Now, this dream is a reality! As a younger child, Allen began to mow his neighbor’s lawns for pay. The first lawn he mowed for pay earned him a handsome remuneration of $ 5.00 every two weeks! Those were the days! As Allen grew older, he managed to buy some commercial equipment by working really hard. The jobs he held were lawn care, construction laborer, and as a maintenance department head for a local farm. With the purchase of new equipment, Allen’s dreams continued to grow. He was introduced to a property manager who sent him and his mom (driver) all over the city of Atlanta! From that point on L.E.A.F. Landscaping LLC. has matured into the growing landscaping company with the vision that it has today. A vision to create outdoor living spaces that inspire and relax everyone!